Sponsor for 2013 Include:
  • Consumers Energy, Gold Sponsor
  • ITC Holdings, Silver Sponsor

  • Local Future
  • Crystal Mountain Resort
  • Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas - ASPO-USA
  • Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association
  • 5 Lakes Energy

The conference is the 8th annual organized by Local Future, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit educational organization.

The 2013 conference theme and focus returns to the future of Michigan.

It has been four years since Local Future organized the 2009 Conference on Michigan's Future.

Since then, many things have changed for Michigan, including:
  • an economic recession;
  • an almost entirely new set of elected officials in Lansing;
  • changes in state and federal law;
  • growing penetration of industrial scale wind;
  • home and business solar PV;
  • production of electric vehicles; and
  • development of deep well horizontal drilling and fracking.
Given these and other factors, the Local Future board of directors determined that the time was right to focus exclusively on the future of Michigan.

The Conference on Michigan's Future: Energy - Economy - Environment 2013 brings together Michiganders from around the state, those leading the way, and showing the way, to a positive, sustainable future for Michigan's energy, economy and environment.